The Ferrari 348 GT Competizione is the rarest modern day production Ferrari, since the 1969 365GTS. There was officially a total of only 50 cars produced, 8 of these are purported to be in RHD configuration (though we believe this number to be 11). The GTC was released just before the new 355 model was announced in 1994, in fact at a higher list price of £84,874 compared to the 355’s £83,031. The 348 GTC represents one of the most unknown and under-rated Ferrari’s around today.


The 348 GT Competizione was produced during 1994 and represents the pinnacle of development of the model, and an outstanding road/track car. It was thought to have been produced either in celebration of Ferrari’s Italian GT2 championship win with the 348 in 1992 or as an homologation special and represented changes that were made to the car to make the 348 more competitive in the GT2 category across Europe, particularly against the Porsche 911. This development led to race track only versions of the 348GTC produced in collaboration with Michelotto during 1993/94, the 348 GTC/LM, which raced across Europe in the GT2 class, including Le Mans in 1994. In fact, the 348 GTC/LM became the first Ferrari to finish at Le Mans since 1982. Chassis #97553 (the 348) was good enough for fourth in the GT2 class.

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Upgrades to the GTC from the standard 348 include:

  • Extensive use of carbon/kevlar to reduce weight including to front and rear bumpers, seats (from the F40) doors and door sills & ECU covers
  • Unique 18” Speedline split rims & wider Pirelli tyres
  • Steering wheel with engraved limited edition number
  • Lightweight carpets
  • Special exhaust manifolds
  • Revised camber & castor settings
  • GT Competizione badging and enamel “Scuderia” Ferrari shields on each front wing – an emblem traditionally reserved at the time for racing Ferraris
  • Aluminium gearknob and pedals

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The GTC has been largely ignored since its launch and has remained relatively unknown perhaps until the last few years. The media has begun to take some interest with several articles being published both online and in print around the world. Click here for a listing of 348 GTC media appearances.