Podcast Part 1

348 GT Competizione - The Rarest Modern Classic Ferrari

We have a very special guest on this episode to talk about the very rare and elusive, Ferrari 348 GTC.

Podcast Part 2

Revisiting the 348 GT Competizione

This week we have Darren back to talk about his past with Ferraris and the advice he has for taking your car on a track.

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Driven: Ferrari 348 GT Competizione

By: Andy Enright Presented by The greatest Ferrari V8 you've never heard of? That could very well be the 348 GT Competizione The 348 GT Competizione is an incredibly rare and intriguing specialist vehicle. Those with even a passing knowledge of contemporary Ferraris will appreciate that history hasn't been too kind to the original Ferrari 348tb.

Porsche 964 RS v Ferrari 348 GT Competizione

The 1990s 964 RS is now one of the most sought-after Porsches, but its even rarer Ferrari counterpart remains a relative unknown. Richard Meaden finds out if the mysterious 348 GTC can give the iconic 964 RS a run for its money What was it about the early to mid '90s that made everyone blind to cars like the Ferrari 348 GT Competizione and Porsche 964 Carrera RS?

The Ferrari 348 GT Competizione Is A Rare Beast

Photography by Tom Shaxson Photography by Tom Shaxson Here's something you don't see everyday: a Ferrari 348 GT Competizione. Like most special edition prancing ponies, competition tweaked road-going cars are made in low numbers for the true diehard Ferrari fans-oftentimes their sole existence stems from homologation necessity, meaning only the minimum for regulation requirements are produced.

Ferrari 348 GT Competizione (1993) -

348 GT Competizione The 348 GT Competizione was a model designed specifically for the GT Championship on the 348 GTB platform. The car was radically lightened by eliminating all and any comfort-oriented features, including air-conditioning and mats. Its dry weight was 1180 kg complete with all of the safety equipment sported by the 348 Challenge version.

The Most Hardcore Ferrari Ever Made For The Road

Ferrari has built some rather hardcore cars for public consumption. The question is which one was the most extreme. I have a personal soft spot for the Ferrari 348 because when it comes to cars I'm a contrarian and also because I think it looks cool and also it apparently has the best steering of any midengine V8 Ferrari, at least according to this old EVO magazine test.

This Is My New Favorite Picture Of A Ferrari

You're looking at an official press photo of the Ferrari 348 GT Competizione. Looks good, right? Direct your eye over to the front grille. Note the hair. Either somehow a hair was on the lens of the camera and nobody cleaned it off or somehow it got their in the darkroom, or some lazy intern dropped a curly hair on the photo when scanning this shot for the website right here.

Ferrari 348 GT Competizione

That's right, even in this application, the 3.4-litre V8 produced 320 bhp and 324 Nm of torque; the same amounts put forth by the standard, road-going 348s of that era. Don't get down on the 348 GT Competizione just yet, though, as power is but one ingredient in the complicated performance recipe.